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Centrifugal Oil Pump
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Updated on 2023-01-29 16:29
 China Centrifugal Oil Pump Manufacturer Shinjo Supplies AY High-Temperature Centrifugal Oil Pump, Double-stage Single-suction.

Performance Range 

Flow: Q=2.5 ~ 600m /h
Head: H=30 ~ 330m
Medium temperature : t=-45 ℃ +420 ℃


AY series oil pump is used mainly for petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical industries to transport petroleum containing no solid grains, liquefied petroleum gas, other petroleum products, high-temperature high pressure, combustible and explosive liquids. 

Features of structure

Six kinds of structure are available with AY series oil pump: single-stage single-suction, single-stage dual-suction, dual-stage,single-suction underslung type, single-stage dual-suction and dual-stage single-suction, dual-stage dual-suction both ends supported type.
The casing is radial opened, especially suitable for transporting high-temperature high pressure and combustible and explosive or toxic liquids. It is mounted with the horizontal central line supported. The flanges at both suck inlet and drain outlet are cast on the pump casing, vertically upward. Both axle seal cavity (packing box) and pump cover are cast integrally, used or placing packing seal and balancing, bellows and in-series mechanical seals. On the outer of the cavity, a selectable water cooling chamber's jacket is cast, allocation of which should be specially required or used when to transport the water, as the medium, of a temperature over 66 and the hydrocarbon of a temperature over 150℃.

The impeller is integrally cast and via static balanced and the axial force of the pump is balanced mainly upon its balancing hole. With the bearing body, a set of a radial ball bearing and a group of back-to-back mounted pushing ball bearing are fitted, which are lubricated with the thinned oil of the oil swing loop. The external face of the bearing body are cast with radiation sheets for air cooling(T<120℃ ), and can also be cooled with a blower(T: 1 20℃ ~ 260℃ ) and with water(T:260℃ ~ 420℃ ).
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